Shantiniketan Ashraya, a registered partnerhip firm is promoted by Mr. Kamal Gupta who has been in property development since 1973. In his 43 year career he has promoted, built and delivered millions of sft to thousands of clients across Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum and Mysore and all of them had the following in common:

• Carefully researched property titles
• Strict adherence to rules and regulations as laid down by various Regulatory Authorities
• Strict adherence to promised specifications and delivery schedules in agreements.
• Strict adherence to all codes that apply to design and construction of buildings

As a result has a track record of
• No Claims arising from defective title
• No Notices from statutory body or regulatory authority
• No pending Client dispute or claim

This has been possible because he has always believed in the ethics
• A residential property is generally the single largest investment a purchaser makes
• A investment that is finaned through life savings & debt
• Any mistake on our part can lead to disastrous financial consequences

"We always seek to keep abreast of various developments like PMAY, RERA etc. which are announced from time to time ensure that a purchaser can derived their entitled benefits."

Book your Shantiniketan home at Kelambakkam, OMR, that conform to the price range under PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana), today!

Are you aware?

PMAY: The Housing for All scheme benefits the buyer/investor tremendously through the Credit- Linked Subsidy Scheme, where the beneficiary is offered an subsidised interest. To avail the scheme, the buyer needs to pay a 10% deposit on the flat's net value.

Who can benefit out of the scheme?

• The beneficiary's family income must range from 15,000 to 25,000 p/m
• The buyer and the buyer's family should not have any property registered
• Women buyers can benefit higher out of this scheme

NOTE: Adhaar card is mandatory for eligibility of the scheme. The benefits of PMAY are restricted to a size range.









Tambaram Sanitorium






  • Arjun Dhilip
  • Owner- Shantiniketan Altair
  • Flat No A-261

"The timley assistance and interactions by the executives were excellent. From the planning stage through completion shantiniketan seemd to take what could have been an otherwise overwhelming project and guided us through the process resulting in a home that we feel perfectly fits the needs of our family.They are meeting the standards of excellence in terms of quality and operation."

  • R. Ravichandran
  • Owner- Shantiniketan Altair
  • Flat No A-117

"I am now their unauthorized ambassdor, recommending to all my friends to share the same experience, which i have had with them. Also in the definitely it is right choice for the middle income group persons like me as there was no escalation cost of the flat"

  • Vijay Venkatesh
  • Owner- Shantiniketan Altair
  • Flat No A-210

"Shantiniketan, the right quality as promised and neat finish. I am very happy to be owner of this flat especially because of the time word kept, personal attention given to every individual flat and its become like a part of the family"

  • Vigneshwaran
  • Owner- Shantiniketan Altair
  • Flat No A-356

"Schools, Colleges, Super markets & a world class hospital in the vicinity"